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i Work in Progress, Pre-Alpha Footage
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+ Augmented Reality Experience
+ Soon available on Microsoft HoloLens
+ Optimized terrain with 200k+ triangles
+ Gesture and voice input supported
Grathuettl 1965 - 2013
+ Virtual Reality Experience
+ Soon available for Apple iPhone / iPad and Samsung Gear VR
+ Optimized for iPhone 6 and ZEISS VR ONE or Cardboard headsets
+ Optimized for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Gear VR
- No additional input device needed
+ Made-For-iPhone (MFI) Controller Support
- No ads, no InApps: Pay once, explore forever!
Jubilee VR iPhone screenshot
Jubilee VR info screen
i Digital elevation data from airborne laser scanning
i Terrain grid resolutions: ridge 1m, background 50m
i Geobasisdaten © Bayerische Vermessungsverwaltung
Terrain Resolutions
i Grathüttl / Biwakschachtel 1965 - 2013
Grathuettl 1965 - 2013
Grathuettl 1965 - 2013
Grathuettl 1965 - 2013
I Digital elevation data vs. photography (© Wikipedia)
h Thank you!
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