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c January 31, 1966: Start of Luna 9, achieved first soft landing on the Moon
c January 31, 2018: Super Blue Moon eclipse
c January 31, 2018: Release date of Moon Race
i Feel the Fever of the Moon Race on your iPhone and iPad.
i Augmented Reality lunar lander for iOS 11 ARKit enabled devices.
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m Features «America Won The Moon Race» by Lynyrd McCormick.
Lynyrd McCormick
8 Only a lunar-tic wouldn’t download this to their iOS device. -

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i If you want to feel the atmosphere of the late 60s and take part in the race to "win" the moon, then we have some great news for you: For just a few cents you can rewrite history ... over and over again!

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i In Moon Race, your job will be that of landing your rover on the moon as fast as possible and, of course, as safe as possible. Things won't always be easy as you will have all sorts of obstacles to overcome, but with time comes skill and you will surely get what it takes to become a complete lander and win the Moon Race.

Moon Race Ingame Screenshot
i Hone up your skills at landing that moon module, enjoy the retro black & white visuals and try to get on the top of the leadearboards of the game.

Q Did you know ...

Russia won the Moon Race
India won the Moon Race
China won the Moon Race
America won the Moon Race
i Features:
+ Original black-and-white TV graphics
+ Optimized 3D graphics for iPhone and iPad
+ Easy and intuitive controls
+ Presented in English and German
+ Console-style menus and info
- No ads
- No extra costs
i Controls:
+ Land your rover as fast and as safe as possible.
+ Touch and move up or down to control the throttle.
+ Wipe left and right at the same time to steer.
+ Move around the lunar modul to fly in different directions
+ Score depends on fly time and distance from target
Moon Race Ingame Screenshot
i GameCenter:
+ 2 Leaderboards for Score and Fly Time
+ 9 different Achievements

V Watch the latest gameplay video: youtube/user/FlauchersFinest

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