Troopers VR Header Image
O Align your headset by starting in Landscape mode or by pointing the virtual cursor at the Center View icon.
O Scan the QR-code on your goggles to adjust camera and stereoscopic settings.
Troopers VR Release
i Join Troopers VR and save the Galaxy!
i Kill anything that has more than two legs!
O Download on the AppStore
Troopers VR Teaser
i Young people from all over the globe are joining up to fight for the future.
i Never surrender. Never retreat. Never give up.
8 We Need Troopers - Join Up Now!
Troopers VR Planet Earth
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Troopers VR Ocean
+ Virtual Reality First-Person-Shooter
+ Kill tons of bugs
+ Fight on four different planets
+ Proven to be free of motion or cyber sickness
+ Includes undistorted Side-by-Side mode
+ Optimized for iPhone 6 and ZEISS VR ONE or Cardboard headset
+ Supports VR ONE Media Launcher
+ Made-For-iPhone (MFI) Controller Support
- No additional input device needed
- No ads, no InApps
- Pay once, play forever!
Troopers VR Planet Mars
Troopers VR Moon
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